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Welcome to Maupertuis'
Tornio Valley!

The shape of the earth – is it like lemon or mandarin? Is the earth flattened at its poles? That was a question of glory of the king and nation in the beginning of 18th century. The French Academy sent two scientific expeditions out to the ends of the earth – one to the equator and one to the Arctic Circle to solve this problem. In 1736 Pierre-Louis Moreau de Maupertuis acted as a chief of the French Geodesic Mission sent to Lapland, Tornio Valley to measure the length of a degree of arc of the meridian. King Louis XV of France financed the expedition that carried out the measurements during one year, an amazing achievement considering the instruments and methods of the time.

The results, which was published in books and letters included also detailing information of the life, housing, relationships and people living close to Arctic Circle in Tornio Valley. On they return home the descriptions drew attention to magical north with northern lights, nightless summer nights, home of fairies and Nordic hospitality. Maupertuis´s Tornio Valley became number one destination. Welcome to find the magic.

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